Acrecio (5L)
Acrecio (5L) Plant Growth Regulators Brightonmax Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Taman Ekoperniagaan Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Brightonmax Sdn Bhd
Composition: g/L
Total N 120
P2O5 50
K2O 100
Free Amino Acids 1
Humic Acid 210
Acreciactiv ®(salicylic acid) 0.5

ACRECIO contains four special types of active ingredients as following:
1. A new generation of compounds that are naturally produced by plants
2. Stimulates root growth and promotes photosynthesis
3. Increases nutrient absorption by plants
Humic Acid
1. Enhances the growth of soil microorganisms
2. Increases nutrient availability in soil
L-Tryptophan (Amino Acid)
1. Natural precursor for Auxin formation
2. Enhances the formation of Auxin for root development and promotes cell division
L-Methionine (Amino Acid)
1. Natural precursor for ethylene formation that acts with Auxin to enhance plant growth as well as root and shoot extension
Benefits of ACRECIO
1. Increases the root mass and strengthening of the root system.
2. Improves nutrient absorption and promotes plant growth.
3. Promotes flowering and fruit formation.
4. Improves the quality and yield of crops.

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